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Technology Posted by on October 19, 2019

Top Five App Promotional Videos

With an exponential increase of smartphones across the world, apps are now a staple of any business strategy for success. However, marketing apps to consumers are tricky.
For marketers, it is quite a challenge now to ensure that their apps generate buzz and get downloads on app markets.

If you are gearing for your next app’s launch then you should think about investing in a promotional video. It’s pretty important that you do since they allow you to create hype around your app and share what it is about with your customers.

A great app promo video allows you to share everything that there is about your apps with the world. Promotional videos can be explainer videos where you can showcase the benefits of the app and showcase all its features as well.

For years gaming and movie industries have used promotion videos for their products i.e. games and movies. You too can use app promo videos and generate buzz around your app.

When it comes to promotional video startups have considered various things to consider, should it be a live action or animated one? Should we have a female or a male voice over? These are few of things that need to be considered.

To help you out, we have gathered here some of the best app promo videos:

Number 5: iA Writer Pro

Something as simple as a text editor having such an amazing promotion video deserves to be on our list. The music along with how the transitions and cuts take place is pretty impressive. The promo video takes you through the various features of the app along with its ease of use in this simple but powerful video. Watch it yourself:

Number 4: Thunderspace

The Thunderspace promo video is remarkable. It is reported that the video was made under a budget of $12000 USD. But the budget is quite reasonable considering that quality of the video. You totally get what they are trying to sell – which is the perfect peace of mind with the chance to enjoy it with the natural weather. This was indeed a unique promotional video and we loved it. Check it out:

Number 3: Unlock&Save Promo

Okay, this one is ours. But hey we love it. We had the opportunity to work on a promotional video for Unlockandsave.com. The aim was to explain the service and outline the benefits keeping a very modern, trendy and clean style. Under a budget of 1500$, we pulled it off perfectly for our client who loved it.

If you are thinking why $1500, then you should that when it comes app promotional videos startups don’t have the luxury to spend too much. But at Motioncue we welcome all especially start-ups to work with us so cost is the second thing on our list of priorities.

Number 2: Pebble Universe

The teaser for the game “Pebble Universe” is quite cute. Using a combination of CG and compositing, they have created a wonderful promo video which teases the main characters and showcases a little bit of the game as well. However, one reason why it worked was that of the cuteness of the character. But we loved how it was done.

Number 1: Jeego ECards

The promotional video of Jeego Ecards is adorable. Using simple characters and cuteness, the video perfectly summarizes the services being offered by Jeego Ecards. Simple, subtle and to the point without making you yawn, this promotional video is our number one.

By now your creativity must be in overdrive – for a promotional video startup needs to brainstorm internally, think about the tone and the message they want to share with their target audience. If you are interested in learning more on how to proceed, we recommend that you get in touch with us through the button

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