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Technology Posted by on August 7, 2020

Tips to Optimize your WordPress Website

Tips to Optimize your WordPress Website

Tips to Optimize your WordPress Website. WordPress is an extremely well-coded platform. And, you definitely need to optimize your website to get the perfect exposure. Here are some tips and recommendations on what you should and what you shouldn’t do on your site. You need to learn the recent optimization practices to create better, quicker and more optimized WordPress websites.

Select the correct hosting plan

The first step in your checklist to optimize your site in the right way is the selection of an accurate hosting plan. You have already lost the battle if your server takes ages to process the MySQL commands. Often hosting companies aren’t at fault. You may have selected the best hosting company, but a poor hosting plan. Your hosting plan will also suffer because of poor RAM and Processor regulating. Thus, you have to get what your site requires to run effectively.

Tips to Optimize your WordPress Website

Opt for a quick WordPress theme

A poorly coded design or design with images all over adds unwanted weight to the page. Such designs add additional seconds to the loading time of your page. Go for a design which is well-optimized for PC, mobile phones as well as tablets. Search engines approve responsive designs as they make sure that all pages have a similar URL.

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Keep the plugins in check

Before installing any plugin, find out, if it is important? Plugins are highly responsible for the high loading times of the site. The more plugins you install, the more your site will have performance troubles. Certain plugins slow down your site because of their poor coding. So, do not install unnecessary plugins.

Go for CDN to speed your WordPress site

Offloading the static sources of the website like CSS files, scripts and images can enhance the speed of the site. When you use a CDN, your major server gets a lesser load to tackle and thus renders better performance while managing the rest of the website. Usually, the static sources will be available to the visitors by the server nearest to them. This ensures that the heavy part of your site loads as quickly as possible.

Optimize pictures for the site

Images help in shortening your text and can be used for sharing on social media network, but they acquire a lot of space. Thus, pages with pictures take a lot of time to load. However, if you optimize your images before uploading them, then you can surely save a lot of time. A lot of photo editing apps like Photoshop help you do it.

Get rid of old post revisions

You do not require 10s of old post revisions which have already been published a long time back. You really don’t! With the help of the plugin, you can get rid of old post revisions from the database of your WordPress, thereby making it smaller and your site quicker.

Tips to Optimize your WordPress Website

Go for Gzip Compression

Gzip compression permits a site page to get transferred to a browser at around 70% of its real size. Thus, you can serve a compressed version of your website to your audience. With a smaller size, the site will load faster.


Optimization of your WordPress site isn’t an option anymore. With search engine emphasizing so much on the significance of speed of the websites, it is very important for your site to load fast for its success.

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