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Technology Posted by on April 27, 2020

Social Media Blogging and Commenting

For most of us blogging is a way to express our views, opinions, expressions about the day to day activities or something upon which we want throw light.
Its a way to engage our content with others. But we never ponder too much about the comments which are posted by others on our blogs and vice-versa. And to be precise comment is the only thing which determines how worthy and successful our blog was.

These days when all of us are running short of time- we usually keep on posting our blogs without giving any thought to the comments. Blogs without comments is just like a tree without fruits. Second thing which needs attention is how you deal with the comments if they are present on your blog?

Presence of comments on blog shows the traffic intensity of the content. Large the number of comments more will be the traffic and more will be the publicity of the blog, opposite of this is a failure of blog.

Social media provides us a platform where we can engage with ‘n’ number of people, can do marketing of products/services, can know the opinions of others about the same thing, etc. In short, blogging is a way to do many types of businesses and personal tasks. And to utilize it at its best – we need to focus more on how to attract others to comment about our own blog? How to generate more comments? How to approach the comments posted by others?

Tips to increase number of comments on your blogs:-

Invite comments- It is a fact that inviting others to post comments on your blogs, allows other blogger and readers to comment more in comparison to not inviting. Invitation will bring more participation of new and existing readers.

Raise questions- Blog should allow readers to give a thought about what you have written. Allow them to ask questions about your blog. Also you should ask questions from readers so that they will respond you back.

Faster response- you should always response back on time to the comments of readers. This will increase their affinity more towards your all blogs, along with that they will get more inclined towards reading blogs.

Stay tuned- Sometimes we move away from the original content and this distract readers. So your blog should always be connected to your intent. Posting back to back on comments will increase thread length and allow other readers to comment.

Be humble- Always response back to comments in a humble and generous way. Don’t use slang’s and abusive words. No matter if someone is criticizing your blog, you should not respond them harshly. Rather accept it in a generous way that you were wrong onto something.

Keep your comment section simple and easy with less stringent rules. This doesn’t mean that anyone can post comments but the rules should be easy. Explain your Comment policy in nice manner and whenever you change the policy update it.

Also in order to capitalize more comments- you can give Rewards to those readers whose comments is liked and appreciated by others. This will allow more and more readers to post their comment.

Apart from this, you should always handle the negative comments with full caution. Because those will be helpful in improving your blog, they will rectify if you are wrong onto something. Dealing badly with negative comments will produce negative aura of your blog, personality, brand, etc. Appreciation is something which everyone is looking forward for but to focus more on criticism will take you to the top. So, appreciate every nasty comment.

Never delete the negative comment rather try to solve the problem. Review it nicely – it could be blogspam, newbie or someone who is not versed with social media so treat them accordingly.

If you can come to an understanding where the commenter may be coming from than it would be great. Let him or her know that you understand. It is important to appear diplomatic rather than argumentative.

If the commenter was correcting you, thank them for catching it and taking the time to make a contribution to improve the post. Most of our every-day written accomplishments were created from collaboration and with the help of others. If the commenter was challenging your facts or figures, cite your sources. Let them know where you’re getting your information and cover your bases.

So – what do you think? How have you increased the levels of comments on your blog ?
Also if you have some tips to increase the comments on a blog, please comment below…

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