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Technology Posted by on December 31, 2017

Reasons why you should rebrand your blog in 2020

Reasons why you should rebrand your blog in 2020
Reasons why you should rebrand your blog in 2020. Are you sure your blog has what it takes to make it through 2020 and possibly to 2020 and beyond?
  • Do you still want to see 200 daily pageviews every day in your Google Analytics Dashboard even in 2021?
  • Do you want to wake up every day and write, share and promote your blog posts every day but have nothing to show for it?

No Blogger on earth will say YES to that, So what can you do to change that. Well, I’ve got one word for you my friend, ‘REBRAND’ yes you read that right, Rebrand Your Blog. I didn’t say ‘Redesign Your Blog‘ i said ‘Rebrand Your Blog’.
Rebranding is quite different from redesigning, overviewing, changing, updating your blog posts, template, trying new trends and using new techniques, rethinking your strategies and niche etc are exactly what Rebranding is all about.

I will be sharing with you some signs that you need to pay close attention to that scream out loud – ‘Update Me’, ‘Change Me’ on your blog. Let get down to business;

Reasons why you should rebrand your blog in 2020

Nothing should be constant while expecting 0 but other than that, nothing should be constant, you can’t use one strategy to win a war, your enemies definitely must come up with ways to nullify your strategy and leave you scratching your head thinking of ways to bounce back.
So, that cool blog you’ve designed in 2014 is way outdated and cannot outperform a blog I designed 5months ago.

Reasons why you should rebrand your blog in 2020

Why? One word ‘Technology’ the technology that is in use in 2014 are now outrun by better and more effective ones. So you need to keep up with the latest trends and stop using stone-age techniques. Is there any other reason why you should rebrand your blog? Yes I’ve got six(6) more reason you should rebrand your blog for good

1. Your Bounce Rate Says Something, Listen To It – Have you ever visit a blog and immediately, you clicked on the back button or end up exiting your browser? If Yes, why did you run from the blog?

Is it the never-ending pop-up adverts? Or is it the colour combination that nearly blinds your eye? Or
is it the time and data you wasted trying to access the blog that took forever to load and the end up not getting what you want?

Well, just the way you exit someone’s blog, someone also exits your blog if it loads too slow, or you are bad with colours, or you get blinded by what you can earn so you full everywhere in your blog with adverts.
You may have daily 500pageviews but if your bounce rate reads 80% it means 20% of your visitors stayed in your blog for a while but 80% didn’t spend up to 1 minutes on your blog, How Sad.

2. Your Theme (Template) Was What Use To Reign 3 Years Ago – Nothing last forever, everything has an expiring day so you blog template must have long expired by now, you need to do some editing, updating or possibly change your Theme completely. Some scripts, external stylesheets, images, libraries and frameworks used in writing your blog theme must have been outdated, updated or deleted by now so they will not work on your blog, you need to keep updating all the external files in your blog in other to have an ever responsive blog.

3. You Are Not Engaging Your Readers – You are not writing for your amusement or search engine bots, you are writing for people like you to read and if your users read your 1000 words article and don’t learn anything from it, I can assure you that your blog post will never be shared neither will you see any comment if you are not good at writing I don’t suggest you quit blogging, but you can employ the services of a content writer to deploy professional contents to your blog. Every blogger must surely want to wake up in the morning and see 20-100 new comments on his/her dashboard, but when you see 1 new comment in 7 days you need to listen to what your blog is saying ‘Get A Professional’. Reasons why you should rebrand your blog in 2020.

4. You Blog About The Wrong Thing – You love playing the guitar and you know so much about guitars but you have a blog about politics, how on earth are you going to succeed in such niche? You need to blog on a thing that you love doing, and you have a passion for. So, you may want to listen closely to your blog because I am pretty sure it is screaming ‘the Wrong Niche, Change Me’.

5. Your SEO Is The Worst – New Seo strategy, plugins have emerged. Domain age does not matter now, Quality contents, good Backlinks, Clean design and presentation of the blog post are what matters the now if you want to rank on any search engine. You are on top 2 years ago those not mean you will be on top today or tomorrow.

6. You Need A New Identity – You need to revisit your first blog post, Read the old blogging plan your map out 3years ago that is now somewhere inside the old office desk drawer in your backyard needs to be revisited, what was your aim when you started blogging, are you still pursuing that aim, have you deviate. These are the important aspect you need to look into. People should also identify your blog by it the icon, logo or domain name so if your blog doesn’t reflect your domain name or your logo don’t pass any message at all about your blog I suggest you go back to the drawing board.
create a new identity

You can only rebrand a brand or something people call a product so your blog must be a brand or product of happiness, education, joy, inspiration, entertainment, information etc to your readers.


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