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Business Posted by on July 17, 2020

How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

How to make money as a student in Nigeria

How to make money as a student in Nigeria 

Are you a student in Nigeria?

Have you been wondering about what you can do as a student in Nigeria to make money?

First of all, let me commend you highly for wanting to do something by the side as a  student so as to have another source of funds aside from your allowance.

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It’s indeed the best thing to do considering this economy of ours in Nigeria country that is at best sinking.

But guess what?  There are tons of things you can do to make money while you are in school learning. These things don’t necessarily have to hinder your studies whatsoever.

Boy reading a textbook

To be sincere with you, lots of graduates are out there looking for what to do with their lives; no jobs no nothing.

Some have had to go back to learn skills after many years of acquiring higher education – sometimes to the Master’s Degree level.

So the fact that you are willing to start doing something that can earn you money now as a student is amazing.

If you start a business that is successful on campus, chances are that you may decide to expand on the business upon graduation instead of wasting time searching for a job.

And if you start a side hustle in school now, you can make good money for yourself, live comfortably, and plan ahead of your future.

Long story short, this blog post put together some of the small scale businesses for Nigerian students who want to start a business in school.

71 Ways to make money in Nigeria as a student

You will find this article easier if we divide the things you can do on campus to make money into three namely:

  • Things you can do from your Laptop/mobile phone to earn as a student
  • The businesses you can do to make money as a student
  • Services you can render as a student and get paid
  • And other things you can do to make money

How to make money as a student in Nigeria

Things You Can Do Online To Make Money As A Student

As a student, you most likely have a phone and a laptop. If you don’t have a laptop, try and get one for yourself.

Black boy in red hat drawing

You need a laptop or mobile phone to be able to do some of the things we will be recommending for you in this section.

You can try to save and get a second-hand laptop that is still working well to start it.

Below are some businesses you can do with your phone or system to make money as a student living in Nigeria.

  1. Blogging
  2. Become a YouTuber
  3. Freelance writing for blog or websites
  4. Social media management
  5. Social media influencer
  6. Start a Paid Private Facebook Group
  7. App development
  8. Website design
  9. Programming
  10. Master SEO and render your services to bloggers
  11. Dropshipping
  12. Graphic designing
  13. Content writing

You may not be familiar with each and every idea I have presented in the above category. If there are any ideas you do not fully understand, make some more research on them – Google is your friend!

Top Services To Make Money From As a Nigerian Student

Do you have any skill, knowledge, or ideas that you can teach others who don’t, monetize and get paid for?

Yes, you do! Think well enough. If you cannot think of any skills, knowledge or ideas that you have, fine, there is room to learn.

All you need to do is to sacrifice some time and money to learn and then get your returns on investment by monetizing that knowledge.

dollars made by a classmate

Below are some 30 services that you can render to people and get paid even as a student in Nigeria University.

  1. Baking
  2. Photography
  3. Laundry Services
  4. Computer repair
  5. Phone repair
  6. Do nails or makeup /gele
  7. Become a Disk Jockey (DJ)
  8. Master of ceremony
  9. Fitness training
  10. Become a model
  11. Become a motivational speaker and start small
  12. Start ushering services
  13. Start event planning business
  14. Open a mini restaurant, sell special delicacies you can prepare
  15. Hairdressing/ natural hair carer
  16. Tailoring
  17. Barbing salon
  18. Painting house or wallpaper
  19. Digital skills training
  20. Create and sell artwork
  21. Create comedy skits
  22. Training predecessors students skills you know
  23. Phone and computer repair
  24. Teach people how to use a computer
  25. Start a furniture workshop
  26. Drive for Uber if you live in Lagos or Abuja
  27. Hostel accommodation agent
  28. Start running a bar

How to make money as a student in Nigeria

Businesses a Student can do in Nigeria To Make Money

As you are starting a business in Nigeria even on campus, you may want to know about 19 Lucrative Business Ideas For Students In Nigeria

Apart from rendering services, there are some small scale businesses ideas for students.

If you are good at persuading people and you like to do some side business while studying for your degree, I have got you covered.

I share below some good businesses that are lucrative for students on any campus here in Nigeria.

Text book seller in school

Feel free to any business ideas from the list and get more knowledge about how to go about it. Remember again, Google is your friend!

  1. Sell used books
  2. Sell customized T-shirt
  3. Sell Ankara fabrics
  4. Sell Ankara books, shoes and bags
  5. Footwear sales
  6. Sell fancy jeans
  7. Make and sell skin products
  8. Sell foodstuff
  9. Natural skin products
  10. Natural hair products
  11. Sell weave on
  12. Make and/or sell wigs
  13. Sell underwear for students
  14. Phone accessories
  15. Sell used phones
  16. Learn how to make perfumes and sell them
  17. Sell Jewelleries

How to make money as a student in Nigeria

Other Things a Student Can do to Make Money in Nigeria

You should read this post if you want to know Marketing Strategies That Work(Opens in a new browser tab)

Apart from making money from buying selling and rendering services, there are certainly other things you can do to have a source of income.

amazon seller on campus

I share some of them below:

  1. Enter a scholarship competition
  2. Get an internship
  3. Write and Publish an Ebook
  4. Become a Jumia Agent
  5. Become an agent for a mobile phone brand or seller
  6. Buy and sell Domain names
  7. Become a professional proofreader
  8. Sell on Amazon
  9. Get money through grants
  10. Become a GOTV Agent
  11. Start an accommodation review centre for your campus
  12. Start farming
  13. rare animals for sale

Rounding off

There are lots of amazing opportunities and lucrative business ideas flying around.

As a student, you need to position yourself for these opportunities and profit from them.


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