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Technology Posted by on April 25, 2020

How To Fix Google Chrome Has Stopped Working on Android

Let us see the process of fixing Google chrome that has stopped working on android:
Procedure 1-

  • In the very first step clear the cache data.
  • You need to locate the android phone setting and find chrome under device>app and tap on it.
  • Find chrome in the next screen. Press clear data and Clear Cache buttons.
  • Confirmation displays which you need to confirm.
  • The above listed procedures are those which restore your browser to initial updated stage it was after installation. You can move to follow procedure second in case you are failing to meet your requirement.
  • You should uninstall and update your google chrome app.
  • Go to “Setting” and tap on device you will find the option to uninstall, clear cache and force stop as well.
  • In the list you will find chrome, tapping on it you will see the option for un-installation, tap on it to uninstall.
  • Note that whole updates to this android system will b uninstalled.
  • You might be getting “Do you want to replace this app with the factory version”.
  • When you make confirmation by tapping OK button your chrome browser will be reset to its factory version.
  • There is nothing to worry because we will update it again. Leaving it to the old version is not recommended at all.
  • Reinstalling updates: Go to the play store and visit My App, there you will see the chrome updates waiting to be done.
  • Update that and you are done with all.
Being a frequent android user you must be aware of these terms. Even though you are failing to reach your desire then you can call on Google chrome technical support number at any point of time.
How Google chrome technical support number could be helpful?
The whole process of support is being hold by many enthusiasts of support system behind that number. There are lots of efforts drawn by then on the daily basis. You can easily rely on them and get the appropriate solution under one roof. Google chrome crash in android phone is one of the most common errors that is being asked now a days. By calling on Google chrome technical support number you save not only time but also get 100 percent satisfactory solution.
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