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Technology Posted by on May 11, 2020

How to disable WordPress update notifications

WordPress is an open source software which is used for creating websites and blogs.With the help of wordpress you can create your own website,blogs and documentation.
You can create your own website without use of programming code.So it is easy to those who do not know how to do programming.It provides encryption technique to its users so individuals use it without any threats as it is more secure. WordPress trust the idea that significant ability comes with great responsibility.

Steps to disable wordpress update 

Although WordPress is easy to use but still you may find some trouble with wordpress when you may get so many updates notification with wordpress.This preventa to work you in an efficient way.if you want to remove this notification then you may take help of from wordpress customer service.Wordpress provides highly certified professionals who will help you to resolve your query .They are having full knowledge about wordpress product and services.They will provide you best guidance to get rid of all issue.Here are the steps given below to disable notification.

You can disable update notification with the help of Plugin

For this Health Fitness Articles,you will have to instal plug in.
When it will be installed completely then you need to activate it.
After that you will not receive any notification.
If you need notification then you can deactivate the Plugin.
You can also use programming code to disable all update notification.

Efficacious help through WordPress support team

If you are getting any issue while using wordpress then you may contact to wordpress support number.You will be in direct contact of wordpress technician after making call on this number.Wordpress technician believes in providing best and efficient solution to its users.They always think about customer satisfaction so they provide best customer service.When you call on this number then first they receive your call and listen your problem carefully.once your problem will be identified by WordPress expert then they immediately provide you remote support to get rid of any query.You can avail help in many ways such as:
Phone support
Online chat support
Social media support

If you have any email id of WordPress customer representative then you may email them and they will revert you.You do not need to be more panic as wordpress expert are always available for your help

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