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Love and Relationship Posted by on June 16, 2017

How to create a website on blogger

Creating a blog today is a dream for everyone who wants to become a blogger, In my recent post I have thought about things to do before creating a blog and if you haven’t read it I think you should take a look at it. Today I am going to teach you, no how to create a blog on blogger. In creating a blog on blogger, you need a Google account, which you will be using to open your blog and if you already have a Google account no need to create one. The below step explained how to create a Google account.

How to create a Google Account

  1. Go to https://accounts.google.com/SignUp on your browser.
  2. Fill in the form properly and answer the question given to you correctly.
  3. After filling the form, click on continue, here you will be asked to check if the mobile phone number you inserted on the form you filled recently is correct.
  4. After that click on continue, here you will be asked to verify your mobile phone number, that is to check if it is truly your own. Google will send a six-digit code via text message or via call.
  5. Insert the code in the box provided and click verify.
  6. Go to http://gmail.com to view your Gmail dashboard,  you can send and receive email.

Now you have created your Google account, let create the blog, Note that Blogger platform does not support browser like Opera mini, if you want to create and run your blog, I recommend you use browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The below steps explained how to create a blog on blogger.

How to create a blog on blogger

  1. Go to http://blogger.com on your browser
  2. Click on create your blog and here you will be asked to log in to your Google account. Insert you Gmail name in the box provided or the mobile phone number you use in creating it and then click continue. Example, ihemetech@gmail.com.
  3. Insert your Google account password
  4. Enter your display name, and click on continue to blogger.
  5. A notification will pop up on your screen, read it and click on Got it.
  6. Click on create a new blog, insert your blog title and blog address. For Example, mynewblog.blogspot.com.
  7. Choose blog template of your choice and then click on create blog.
Now you have learned how to create a blog on blogger, do you find this article interesting, kindly share this post with the share buttons below and also if there is anything you didn’t understand, simply share it in the comment section below and I will reply you as soon as possible.

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