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Career & Education Posted by on August 31, 2017

How to connect your HP Printer to Wi-Fi

HP, the most popular company offers a wide variety of products including printers, laptops and desktops.
 Its printing range includes both wired and wireless printers that have been highly used all around the world. HP printers contain latest features which are given below:

  1. Great quality prints
  2. Superior performance
  3. High-end technology
  4. High resolution

You can easily connect your HP printer to a network connection. So, if you want to connect two or more computers to a single printer in order to avoid twisted printer cables lying all over your place, then choosing a wireless printer is a perfect choice. To do so, you need a wireless printer, wireless router, USB cable, printer driver and software installation disc. Follow the below mentioned steps to get the desired things done:

 Step 1

 Install the printer driver and software to the computer systems you want to connect with your printer.

 Step 2

 Connect printer to wireless network with a USB cable. Once done, turn on your printer.

 Step 3

 Click on the ‘Start Menu’ and opens the ‘Control Panel’ window. Now, click on the Printer and right click on the printer icon and then click on the properties to open up the printer properties window.

 Step 4

After connecting the Printer and computers, click on the ‘Port tabs’ and remove tick from the box with the’ Label Bidirectional Support’ and click on the ‘Add Port’ and click on the ‘TCP/IP’ and then click on ‘New Port’.

 Step 5

Now, ‘Add Standard TCP/IP Port’ should appear. Now, click on the ‘Next’ button until you are prompted to enter the ‘Printer name/IP address and Port name. In the ‘printer name/IP address’ entry, type the IP address of the router you will be using. And the Port name filled automatically when IP address has been entered

 Step 6

After the all entries, now click on ‘Next Button’. Then the computer automatically finds the printer       and then wait for program fail, now click on the ‘Custom’ in the new window then click on the ‘Setting’.  The ‘Configure TCP/IP address monitor’ should appear

 Step 7

Now check the Row on the protocol Setting then enter the Port number. The window already shows Setting the leave it as it is. Now click on the OK button

 Step 8

Follow all instructions which shown on the screen and close other remaining window

 Source: http://help-number.com/blog/how-do-i-connect-my-hp-printer-to-wi-fi/

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