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Technology Posted by on December 29, 2017

How to become an AdSense Premium Publisher

How to become an AdSense Premium Publisher

After I mention about AdSense Premium Publisher for the first time on my post how AdBlock alternative content might disable your AdSense account, people start asking me more and more about this “AdSense Premium Publisher”. Questions like whether or not it is real, what is the procedure of having an AdSense Premium Publisher account, what are the extra benefits premium publishers get other general publishers and so on. I’ve spent my last 2 weeks researching about how someone can become an AdSense premium publisher and what are the exact steps someone has to follow to reach that point.

If you are thinking that why should you care about this “Premium Publisher” hype as Google never mentioned about it officially on their AdSense policy page or even in any education videos, then I will definitely suggest you to keep reading this article to know more about the features, benefits and the procedure to have an AdSense Publisher Account.

All of us (the general AdSense publishers) who uses AdSense to monetize their website or content, we follow the AdSense policies like a country’s constitution. Because we know that if we don’t abide by the rules they have enacted on us, our accounts will get disabled and we will lose our source of income. Right? Well, you see this is not the case of AdSense Premium Publishers, they never worry whether or not they are following the AdSense rules. Even if they break (in our perspective) any amount of AdSense rules, there account will still be up and running.

What are the benefits Premium Publishers get?

Let’s start with no restrictions on following general AdSense policies. I know this might sound magical or dreamy, but it’s completely true. All AdSense premium publishers have to accept different terms and condition while upgrading their account as “Premium Publisher”, so the general rules which are applied to the majority of AdSense users are not enacted upon them. Here is a brief list of benefits all AdSense Premium Publishers enjoy every day.
As general AdSense publishers, we are bound to show a maximum of 3 ad units per page, Premium Publishers can show 4 – 5 ad units per page increasing there CTR 500% more than general AdSense publishers.
As general AdSense publishers do not have to the authorization of tweaking the AdSense ad codes, Premium Publishers can change the colour, size, fonts etc. using CSS. This might sound minimal, but creating a custom ad unit for your site as per your website requirement end up increasing the CTR and revenue.
How to become an AdSense Premium Publisher.
As general AdSense publishers if you face any problem or have some queries regarding the AdSense the only option you have is using the Google AdSense Product Forum or searching the web for related articles. But all Premium AdSense publishers have a dedicated AdSense expert and ad manager from Google to solve their problem to call upon at any time.
As general AdSense publisher, we never know what our CTR will be or how much we will earn from our AdSense account because these things are managed by Google AdSense algorithm and depend upon various parameters, but Premium Publishers are allowed to negotiate the share of earning they are going to get from AdSense. Before accepting the Premium Publisher terms Google and the publisher negotiate the price of the ads going to be showcased on their site. So, premium publishers always have an idea about how much they are going to earn from each ad shown on their site.
Though a direct link to search queries (AdSense for search) is against the AdSense policy for general users, Premium Publishers can do it without worrying about their account getting disabled or banned.
Beside all these things Premium Publishers can also show their ad units as Sticky Ads, can show images as an alternative to AdBlockers where they can clearly ask their users to disable AdBlock. In short, all the things that we (the general AdSense publishers) are not allowed to do, AdSense Premium Publishers can do it with ease.
Premium Publishers can get rid of the Ads by Google text from their ads, makes it looks more professional and removing Google’s branding. In fact, they can write anything on this label (like Sponsored Links) which end up increasing their CTR at an exponential rate.
As Google always says that showing AdSense ads on sites related to any kind of gambling or pornographic material is completely against AdSense policy, but Premium Publishers are allowed to show AdSense ads on gambling, casino and on adult content pages without any restriction.
Also, AdSense Premium Publisher account will never get disabled or banned from normal AdSense account showing reason like invalid click activity or other security reason. Because Google trust premium publishers and they have faith that premium publishers will never do anything wrong.

Why Google does this partiality?

After reading the above list, if you are thinking that why Google does this partiality between the general AdSense publishers and Premium AdSense Publishers because it’s good for their business. You see, almost every webmaster out there always try to have an AdSense account, no matter how hard it is. Because they know that AdSense is the only ad publishing medium which pays the best in this industry and also it does not show those creepy popup ads which in terms makes the users unhappy. So, no matter what kind of website they have, all webmaster tries to have a working AdSense account. Even if Google does not approve their AdSense request, they keep trying unless they got a working AdSense account or they get frustrated and stop trying for a new AdSense account. Google knows this very well.
Now among all these webmasters who got an approved AdSense account, most of them are not aware of the various AdSense policies and end up disabling their AdSense account. Some of these webmasters even try to trick Google with some black hat technique so that they can earn more money from Google AdSense. I’ve seen some organizations based in India, Pakistan and other Middle East countries who actually takes money to click on other’s ads. People pay money to them in the hope that these organization will keep clicking on their ads and they are going to be rich. This one of another reason, Google place all AdSense publishers from the Middle East countries in the risk-prone zone, unless they show extraordinary performance on following AdSense policies for years before Google takes those accounts out from the “Risk-Prone” tab.
Now for all these reasons, Google always tries to make their policies as hard as possible. But among all those publishers who follows every single AdSense policies and also have a website/blog which has a tremendous amount of unique traffic and also generates a huge monthly revenue on AdSense, Google put this publisher into a different list and monitor these account for months before upgrading them to Premium Publishers. You see these publishers (hand few of people) are already generating a huge amount of revenue for themselves as well as for Google, so if they give them some extra benefits, these publishers will become more inspired and will work hard to increase their website quality and the revenue, which in terms will also increase the revenue earned by Google.
Google advertisement platform is the main platform from which Google earns most of its monthly revenues. So they will do anything to increase that revenue and giving some extra benefits to a handful of people is actually the best possible way to do that. As the websites of these publishers are already famous, so Google knows that they are going to get higher revenue from these sites. Also giving these extra benefits to a handful of people is a way to keep these publishers aside from the rest of the crowd. The only problem is, Google never officially disclose any of this information regarding AdSense Premium Publishers, as they don’t want more attention towards this matter and want to keep this in dark for general AdSense publishers so that they don’t become angry on Google. 🙂

So, how can I become an AdSense Premium Publishers?

Well, after reading the above part, I hope you already get the idea that it’s not that easy to get and also it’s not for everyone. Only a hand few of publishers ever get the luxury to enjoy the benefits of premium publisher account. There is no way to apply for AdSense Premium Publisher account. Only Google decide which publisher they want to upgrade and which publishers need some attention. But after my research on this here is some rough requirements which you must need to get into Google’s watch list for the premium publisher. Please note that these numbers are approximate and reaching to that actual number does not always mean that Google will consider upgrading your account to the Premium Publisher.
  • To become AdSense Premium Publisher, you just need to have at least 20 million page views per month and 5 million unique search query hits leading to your site.
  • You just need to have an authority website. A trustworthy website to general users on whatever niche you work on.
  • You just need to have completely unique content with no violation of any copyright infringements.


If your site follows these basic requirements and if Google sees that upgrading your AdSense account to a premium publisher account will help them in their business (in terms of revenue and trust), then they will contact you directly for upgrading your AdSense account and will also send you a Terms of Service agreement which you have to sign before the upgrade.


So, as you can see that AdSense Premium Publisher is an undisclosed feature by Google AdSense and only for a hand publishers who have a very popular authoritative site, the best possible way to becoming an AdSense Premium Publisher is to make your website/blog more popular and reputable, as if your site itself will represent a brand. If you can achieve that, Google will email you with the invitation of joking the AdSense premium publisher team. So, what do you think about this Premium Publisher programmer? Are you a Premium AdSense Publisher? Do you think Google should stop doing this partiality with AdSense publisher? Let me know your thoughts about AdSense Premium Publisher programmer in the comment section below. I will love to hear all of your thoughts regarding this matter.
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