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Technology Posted by on October 11, 2019

Get easy methods to install Gmail on Iphone

Follow the process given here to add your gmail account to iphone

1.      The first step is to enable IMAP settings on your phone. In order to do that follow the steps from number 2.
2.      Sign in to your Gmail account.
3.      Click on the gear like icon present at the upper-right corner and then select Gmail settings which are usually given at the top of any Gmail page.
4.      Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.
5.      Click on Enable IMAP option given there.
6.      Configure your IMAP settings and do not forget to click on Save Changes.
7.      Now comes the part from where you start setting up your gmail account with your iphone device.
8.      Go to the home screen of your iPhone  and opt for the Settings option.
9.      Next step is to select the option of “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
10.  Steer down to the accounts section and then select “Add Account”
11.  You will get an option to choose your email account type there. For setting up an email to be able to work with IMAP choose ‘other” option.
12.  From the list of options given there choose “add mail account”
13.  Enter the following information as it is

Name : Just give any name you want
Address : your Gmail address
Password : your Gmail password
Description : You can type any description for your mail

14.  Go to IMAP settings now.
15.  Enter your incoming mail server settings and select the next option
16.  The hostname should be set to imap.gmail.com
17.  After that you are required to set outgoing mail server.
18.  The hostname for that has to be set to smtp.gmail.com
19.  Then the account verification process will happen
20.  Once that is done you will be presented with an option to select mail or notes, select them both and click on save
21.  And you are done for good. You now have your gmail account working perfectly fine on your iphone.

In case you are stuck somewhere and are unable to set up your gmail account on iphone then you do not have to worry because iphone technical support team will definitely come to your rescue. Just drop an email to them explaining your issue in minutest detail possible. You can also ring them up and explain everything to the agent taking your call. Either way they will work around your issue and come with a solution for you. They usually revert back in 24 hours, your issue would be fixed soonArticle Search, once they are in the loop.

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