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Technology Posted by on June 25, 2020

Download Android Game Battle Chasers: Nightwar


battle chasers night war

What you need to know

  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a full role-playing game developed for mobile devices.
  • There are no microtransactions or in-game purchases of any kind, just a one-time purchase for the game.
  • It is available now on iOS and Android mobile devices.

If you’ve been looking for a full mobile role-playing game to play, look no further. From Airship Syndicate and HandyGames comes Battle Chasers: Night War. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a turn-based role-playing game with a full, deep story. Gully is searching for her father Aramus and enlists the help of five other heroes to help.

Taking inspiration from JRPGs, you’ll assemble a team from three of these six unique heroes. Each can be given weapons, armour and magical trinkets as you go forth on your quest. There are traps, puzzles and enemies galore awaiting you but don’t worry: each hero has unique skills that can help your party make it through every tricky spot. Check out the gameplay and art design of Battle Chasers: Nightwar with the launch trailer below:

Additionally, there’s no in-app purchases, loot boxes or microtransactions of any kind. You’ll also never encounter any ads throughout your time adventuring. After you pay for the game, you’re done! The dungeons are randomly-generated and the game is estimated to take around 30 hours to finish.




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