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Technology Posted by on April 28, 2020

3 Reasons Your Company Needs To Start Blogging Yesterday

It’s been proven that websites with a company blog get 55% more traffic to their site than a website without a blog. Why is that? Writing a company blog may seem like another thing to add to your search engine marketing strategy to-do list, but it should be a top priority. Even if no one reads your weekly or monthly blogs, the effects on your search ranking are still positive and beneficial. Grow your business online today by starting a blog for your company! Here are some reasons why it would be beneficial:

When you post a blog to your website, that key worded and optimized content will continue to be scraped by search engines as long as it is on your website. The more company keywords and outbound links that are included, the more it will benefit your website’s search ranking – even if no one reads or clicks directly on it! Google also takes into consideration the frequency of updates on a given site; posting blogs a few times a month will fulfill that ranking factor.

Posting weekly blogs or informative pieces on topics related to the products/services you sell or your industry, gives you the upper hand on your competition. By displaying that your company is an industry leader and expert, more consumers will trust your brand and associate you with a personality.

Blogs are cost-effective marketing tools. Most digital marketing tactics involve paying to advertise on Facebook or other social sites but with blogging, you can effectively target certain company keywords, through SEO content writing, directly on your website for little cost. These blog posts can also be shared directly on your social accounts to increase the reach and drive even more traffic to your website.

Blogs are useful for many different purposes, including boosting your SEO efforts, and establishing expertise behind your brand, providing a fresh stream of content to your social media followers – not to mention, they’re cost-effective! Start blogging now! Your company website should display blogs to increase traffic to your site. SEO content writing is crucial for every aspect of website design and development, especially blogging. Similarly, gauging these efforts using different analytical methods is an important tool for every website – performance reports will clearly display your company’s keyword rankings and breakdown your traffic which will help you focus in on the keywords that matter to your blogs!

Artice Source: http://www.articlesphere.com

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