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Love and Relationship Posted by on June 13, 2017

3 necessary things you need to do before creating a blog

Creating a blog is very easy but there are some essential steps you need to follow before creating a blog.
These steps I am going to tell you today have helped many of my colleagues who are now professional blogger today. Below are the essential things you need to do before creating a blog.

Choose your niche

Every blog on the blogosphere is created on a specific niche. Before you create a blog, you must have a specific reason for creating it. Example, you want to create a blog where you share health ideas then your niche is all about health. There are so many niches in blogging such as;

  1. Health
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Sport
  4. Technology
  5. Entertainment
  6. Fashion
  7. Real estate
  8. Education
  9. Blogging
  10. Music

Choosing a good niche for your blog will guild you on the type of article you will write for your blog.

Writing your blog post

Many bloggers think that this is not necessary before you create a blog but it is necessary because it will help you to know whether you are on a good niche or not. Sometimes bloggers choose a good niche for their blog but they cannot write at least 20 posts on it. Before you create your blog, I recommend you write at least 25 blog posts about your niche with at least 300 words. Note that, any niche you choose and you cannot write blog posts about it then you will have to leave that niche and choose another that you are good on.

Choose your platform

Choosing a platform where you want to build your blog is very important. Depending on the way you want your blog to be, there are two major platforms to build your blog.

  • Blogger

This platform is owned by Google, it allows it, user, to create a blog for free with the domain .blogspot.com that is, any free blog that is created on the platform will be like www.example.blogspot.com. It also allows it users to use custom domains like Example.com,  Example.net etc. Blogger provides free responsive blogger template for its users to beautify their blog and also allow its users to upload custom blogger templates.

  • WordPress.com

This platform allows it, users, to create a blog for free with the domain .wordpress.com, that is any free blog created on this platform will be like www.example.wordpress.com. It provides themes and some plugins which will help you run your blog successfully. WordPress.com allows it users to choose building plans before creating your blog.

  • WordPress.org

This platform allows it, users, to build a professional blog with a custom domain, it allows their user to use plugins and responsive themes on their blog. WordPress.org provides building plan for users to choose before creating their blog.

Choose your host

Blog host provides you with the opportunity to get a domain for your blog at a specific price and give your different platform to build your blog, like WordPress, Joomla. Your host will help you put all your website content online for your audience to see, when your host is having a problem with network connection then your website content cannot be seen by your audience. Below is an example of website hosting.

  1. Hostgator
  2. Blue host
  3. Name cheap

Let Talk

Now you have learned the necessary things to do before you create a blog. Do you any question about the things to do before creating a blog ??? share it in the comment section below and I will reply you as fast as possible.

Be social

After reading this article and you find it meaningful and helpful to you and also to your blogging career, and also to those who want to join blogging, kindly share this post with share button below.

Thank you once again.

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