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10 successful ways to make money online

10 successful ways to make money online

There are various ways to make money online, it just depends on how committed you are and also patient in the term of monetization. Below are various ways you can make money online.

Start A Blog

Becoming a blogger is one of the easiest ways you can make money online because you can work at any time of the day, the choice is yours but you need to be hard-working before you can make money in blogging. Blogging is suitable for those who are good in writing and would like to share their knowledge with others. I have written an article on what to do before starting a blog and also how to make money from your blog; I recommend you take a look it before you continue.

Start A Youtube Channel

This field is for those who like to talk in front of cameras and also it is for people who love to create videos either by educating or impacting knowledge on others. You can create a Youtube channel by visiting this website http://www.youtube.com and use your Google account to sign in, In more fact, you need a Google Account in the registration process. You can monetize your Youtube channel by applying for Google Adsense or affiliate marketing program like Amazon. Before you can be approved of Google Adsense, make sure that your Youtube channel complies with their Privacy Policy.

Sell Photos Online

This field is for those who love photography and also those who are good in designing and editing photos. You can earn money from selling photos online by signing up to the following websites listed below. Gettyimages.com


You will have to upload your photos for sale in these website listed above and you will get paid when people start buying them.

Sell Website on Flippa

Flippa is an online market for buying and selling of website. This field is suitable for those who can develop or design professional website, It involves you creating a professional website and place it for sale. Mind you, if you want to be successful on this field I recommend you choose a reliable host like; Hostgator, Ipage, Imotion or Bluehost and also use a .com domain to make your website look professional. To get started, register your website on flippa.com.

 Develop Andriod Apps

Yes! You can make money online just developing Android apps, visit www.appgeyser.com to develop an android app of your choice or Download ANDRIOD STUDIO PC application and start designing your Android application. You can make money from it by monetizing it with Google Admob, to get started visit www.google.com/admob, and also, you need a Google account to get started. Make sure your Android application comply with their privacy policy. You can also make money by Promoting affiliate product through your application.

Create WordPress Theme

This field is for creative web designers with those who have knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and also those that understand the basics of WordPress themes. You can place your theme for sale on;




You will earn 50% commissions for every of your theme sold.

Become Online Teacher

This field is for those who love teaching and also for those who loves impacting knowledge on others, you must be an expert in the subject you want to teach and also you must have at least two years’ experience on the particular subject you choose to teach. You can get started by visiting;





Join Question And Answer

This field is for those like to help people by providing the appropriate answer their questions; you can only get paid when the asker accept your answer, he/she will have to pay you the agreed amount. You can join this field through;



Become A Freelancer

This field is for people have enough time to work online by performing a specific task without disappointing people they work for, you can get started on this field by signing up to these websites listed below by filling your details;




You can make money by completing their task and you will be paid the decided amount. You can also post your skill and also give clear information of what you can do, so people with tasks can directly contact you and also you are going to charge them per hour of work.

Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you get paid when customers purchase goods from the affiliate programs through your personal affiliate links, then you will earn a certain percentage of goods purchased. This field is for those who like to market products and also persuade people to buy a particular product. You can also place your affiliate link in any social medias of your choice and then you get paid when people click the link and purchase goods. Affiliate marketing is not only for those that have website, you can insert your Facebook page URL in replace of website URL. You can get started by registering for the Affiliate marketing programs below;





If you have been impacted knowledge on how to make money online, kindly share this post with the share buttons below, you can still share it with your friend who loves to make money online and also if there is anything you don’t understand or you want clear explanation on anything in the article written above simply share it in the comment section below and I will reply you as fast as possible.

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